1. Old Time Story


Old Time Story

Twas a day much like most days long ago in an old time
When a man with a message appeared
He spoke with a story of a heavenly glory
As the multitudes came out to hear, came out to hear

There's a Heavenly Father who has sent me to tell you
There's a way to begin life anew
Repent and be baptized and receive ye the Spirit
And the Father will receive you to, receive you to

Listen up all ye lassies listen up all ye lads
There's a hell to escape and a Heaven to be had
You make the choice of your own destiny
Each one of you must choose what his future will be, future will be

Now some people they doubted and questioned about it
How could this mans words be true
He's a carpenters offspring why is he speaking these things
And they left without a clue, without a clue

That he was God their creator come down to save them
To take on himself all their sin
Why a soul would refuse him and falsely accuse him
Still remains a deep mystery my friend, mystery my friend

There's coming a day when all people will stand
At the foot of a throne in a heavenly land
Every action and thought everyone’s attitude
In a moment of time will ones life be reviewed, life be reviewed