Men Who Had Visions Of Russia Attacking America

Over the years I have read about a number of people who have claimed to have had a vision of Russia attacking America. While I do believe that there are people who have had visions about future events that were going to take place on earth, I have also  read about some prophetic visions that were suppose to take place within a certain time frame that never occurred. Then there are those who may be down right frauds and have read about others who had visions and then kinda grabbed hold of those previous visions made by others making claim that they also have had a vision of a Russian attack. 

So I always approach this topic with a bit of caution. I'm not wanting to be a total skeptic though because I do believe that God reveals the future through dreams and visions. The Old Testament prophets didn't always need a dream or vision to know what God was up to. God simply told them to go tell the people of such and such a nation if they don't repent and turn to God, judgment was going to come. Even in the New Testament the apostles wrote with great detail about the signs that will be seen in the time before Jesus' return.

I don't believe God has gone silent on those of us who may be living in the last generation before the return of Jesus. With that said, I would like to list 5 men that I would suggest you look into concerning what they had to say about the visions that they had concerning the judgment coming on America at the hands of Russia. 

I share the following info not to be an alarmist, but to encourage you to seek out the Lord for yourself and ask Him to reveal the truth to you. If these visions are all false, you have nothing to be concerned about. Yet if the visions are true, just maybe the Lord would want to take the next step and inform you what you can do to be prepared, not just to survive, but how he might want to use you to be of help to others.

The first 4 are links that will open in a new window. The last one is a typed out version of what Rick Wiles had to say concerning his vision of judgment on America.


William Branham - 1933 

Dumitru Duduman - 1984 

David Wilkerson - 1985 

 Henry Gruver - 1987

Rick Wiles - 1998 

 Rick Wiles is the founder and host of 

He shared his testimony of how God called him to warn America and tell them to repent. In April 1998 the Holy Spirit told him to meet him in the chapel. A vision appeared in front of him like a movie screen. Here is what he saw: 

“I saw America on fire. I saw burning cities. I saw billowing smoke, the sky scrapers crumpled down. I saw refugees, Americans, staggering out of these cities. They had ash on their faces. They were stunned. They looked like zombies. Some of them were pulling wagons with their children in it. I can still see somebody was pushing a wheel barrow with their grandmother or mother in it. They were just staggering like they couldn’t believe they survived whatever had happened in that city. 

I said, Lord what am I seeing? He said, This is your country’s future if she does not repent.