1. Born Again


Born Again

Working hard to please our God will never do
Your works will never get you through the gate
The good deeds that you pass around
As you travel round the town
Will never change your eternal fate

Attending church and tithing well will never do
Religion just won't let you enter in
Bible studies once a week
Fasting when you'd love to eat
Can never pay the price tag for your sins

Except a man be born again
He can not see the kingdom of God 3x
Except a man be born again

The good deeds we accumulate just can't remove
Or eliminate the sin the guilt the shame
Innocence must pay the price
Pure must be the sacrifice
And only Jesus Christ can make that claim

There's just two roads that you can travel down today
The one road leads to death the other life
One sign says choose any way
The other sign says grace through faith
I hope that you have read the road map right