Your Possession

Egypt lays behind you, years of bondage now is through
You’re headed toward the promise, but the enemy’s still chasing you
In panic fear and worry, you cry what am I to do
Then a gentle breeze starts blowing and the Holy Spirit says to you

What the Lord has promised, he can surely do
But if you won’t stand in faith then your possession, will possess you

The Red Sea closed behind them, once more God’s faithfulness was shown
The cloud and pillar went before them, surely by now they must have known
Jehovah sees the problem, before it’s opened to your eyes
And Jehovah has the answer, but he wants to see your faith and your fight

What bondage lays behind you, and what promise lays ahead
Did you think there’d be no testing, to see if you believed all God has said
So what Red Sea stands before you, now that God’s will has been shown
And what enemy still pursues you, surely by now you have to know