1. Mirror Image


Mirror Image

There was a time, I remember standing
Looking closely at the mirror on the wall
And though I saw well combed hair and a shaven face in there
I kept thinking about the man behind it all

For I knew that deep inside a man was hiding
And the truth he could not bear to be shown
But then one day to my surprise, the Spirit opened up my eyes
And the man inside no longer had to hide

When I look into the mirror of God’s word
I see the image of the man I’m yet to be
I’m not the man I used to see, God’s Spirit is slowly changing me
Into a mirror image
The man I now observe is turning more and more and more
Into a mirror image, of the Lord

On the sidewalk, down in the city
A storefront display once caught my eye
It wasn’t merchandise I saw, but my reflection standing tall
And I kept thinking of the man behind it all