Still Time To Get It Right

Perhaps the Bible is a book that you’ve ignored
Maybe you’ve been told its just fairy tales and folk lore
Or like others you may say its a book you plan to read some day
But for now you like choosing what rules you will obey

But what if the Bible is really all about
A Creator who is actually trying to reach out
To invite you to have a relationship with Him
To answer all life’s questions you have been avoiding
Like sin and sickness life and death
Where did we come from when does it end
Is there a judgment that all will attend
Where every human will stand before Him
It’s important to get this right
While there's still time to get this right

Perhaps you are open to experiencing every whim
Maybe you are caught up in all the wrong spiritual things
And like so many others say in this life you gotta find your own way
But for now you like to pick and choose what you think is okay

You have tried everything but the real thing
And its the one thing that you keep ignoring
Maybe its time for you to read the Bible through
And listen to what your Creator is telling you
Because believe it or not time is running out