1. The Remedy


The Remedy

Her picture came up on the TV screen, she once was known as a Hollywood queen
But now the news commentator tells a different story
They say it was through drugs and alcohol, she began to slip, which led to her fall
She lost her glamour, she lost her fame oh how the world loves gossiping

I can see and the world can see, their faults and their tragedies
Yet seldom do we get all the details right
For there’s a devil who comes to resist each one
And someone needs to point out just what he’s done
And to declare that there’s a Father in Heaven who wants to be, the remedy

There is always that one in Senior High, voted most likely to succeed in life
But now there they are belly up at the local bar
They’re talking about how they had it all, not sure how they got where they now are
Sitting among a crowd that loves to hear a sad sad story

A prayer or two would go a long way now
Might help them see the why and how
Might help them turn a brand new leaf
Might just help them see, the remedy