1. Salt And Light


Salt And Light

Can you imagine, if evil had no foe
And it could roam this earth, any way it chose
Can you imagine, if Truth put up no fight
How dark the dark would get, if there was no salt and light

We are the salt of the earth, we are a candle in the darkness
We are a city on a hill, shining forth His righteousness
We are the hope for all mankind, ambassadors for Jesus Christ
We are the salt in this earth, and in this world we are His light

Can you imagine, if evil had free reign
To conquer through deception, the victims it would claim
Can you imagine, if truth stood idly by
Caught up in worldly pleasures, rather than being salt and light

If the church loses its saltiness, if the church’s light grows dim
If the church won’t stand upon the hill, and declare the truth for Him
If we mingle with the darkness, if we compromise His ways
If we live just like the world around us
How will the lost be saved