1. My Final Plea


My Final Plea To All Humanity

You say you will take your fight, to the highest court in the land
To obtain the very rights, you stand there and demand
Yet your battle will not end there, there’s a higher court indeed
The day your battle ends, is the day you’ll be standing before Me

I so loved the world I came to give my life
To pay the price for all man’s sins and to teach you wrong from right
So I make a final plea to all who are bound by iniquity
There’s a truth you have rejected and a lie you have believed
Come….. And I will set you free
Come….. I want to set you free

Like Adam and Eve, the reason you’re deceived
Is because you listened to the voice of darkness
So when you’re fighting against the ones, who speak the truth for Me
Don’t you see when you're persecuting them you are fighting against me

You say that you know of me, yes my name you have heard
But those who truly love me, will obey my holy word
There is a higher law, then the Supreme Court in your land
And the day you stand before me, is the day your battle ends

Stop fighting against me I am your creator
Stop fighting against me I am you savior
Stop fighting against me I am your deliverer
Stop fighting against me
I am not your enemy