Help Me Write This Burden Down

It was a rainy day in the little town, where I came to settle down
And as I took a look up and down the street, And at the ministry ahead of me
Lord help me write this burden down, why this moment why this town

Well it wasn't long as the months passed by, I saw the reason why
The forces of darkness had a grip real tight among the body of Christ
The spirit of strife and the pride of life was choking out God's light
And the atmosphere was so thick that year, you could cut it with a knife
Lord help me write....

Does anybody have an ear to listen, does anybody have an eye to see
Does anybody have a heart that's breaking
Over what the Lord is showing me, over what the Lord is showing me

There were plenty of plans for fun in the sun and to share a meal or two
And with smiles on our face and pats on the back, We walked that social avenue
Well there was talk about love and talk about faith, And the unity happening there
And while the band played on I heard a different song, blowing through the air
Lord help me write.......

Does anybody have an ear........

Religious agendas and the works of man and lines drawn in the sand
Yes there were Pharisees and heresies and a lot of carnal plans
Well I looked to east and I looked to the west
In search of corporate praise and prayer
Then I turned to the north and ran to the south
Sure that I would find it there