It Isn't Just Chance

Jesus went walking by the sea
Saw two fishermen named Simon and Andrew
He said come and follow me...what would they do

It isn't just chance, they had a choice
To go on fishing, or to obey his voice

Rich man said I have kept the law
Tell me what more do I lack
Jesus said give it all away....what held him back

It wasn't just chance, he had a choice
To live in his riches...Or to obey Jesus' voice

The fork in the road which way do you turn
You look for the signs, his voice is all that's heard

Jesus went to the garden one day
And he knelt down to pray
His sweat was as drops of blood, not my will but your way

It wasn't just chance, Jesus made a choice
It wasn't his own way....he obeyed the Father's voice

Everyone has got the life they live
But Jesus has a plan for you
In a moment he may call on you....what would you do

It isn't just chance......................